Sherwood reveals that Kai used to think of ‘Kane’

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Tim Sherwood has revealed that Tottenham Hotspur wanted to eliminate Harry Kane when he was a young player . The 29-year-old scored his 266th goal in a Tottenham shirt. That puts him on par with Jimmy Greaves’ top scorer record.

While Kane is now regarded as one of the club’s legends, Sherwood revealed the Englishman was once underrated as “not good enough”. Tottenham wants to get rid of the team.

“All the managers on Harry’s loan said he wasn’t going to make it. No one said he could do it. If they say something different, they’re lying. I don’t mind. Because it was their opinion then,” he wrote in his UFABET 

column. “But never judge Harry when he wasn’t at Tottenham. is the best thing for his development I went to watch him play.

“At Millwall in 2012 the atmosphere was quite intense. But that was what he needed. He had to keep wearing that shirt even if he didn’t score a goal. Before ending up as Millwall’s top youngster, it shows who he is ′

′ When Harry returns to Tottenham after several loans. I advised him not to accept any offers and to stay and fight for a position at the club. The manager before me, Andre Villas-Boas, didn’t think of using him ′

′ He and Franco Baldini, sporting director, cut Harry’s name off, seeing that he wasn’t good enough for him. Premier League Tottenham wanted me to get rid of him ′

′ There are many clubs interested in Harry, but I didn’t. I didn’t listen and argued that ‘This kid is good enough’, they say I’m chasing young players but no, I just want to win and Harry is my best weapon.”

“He started six times in the Premier League in 2013/14. At first the fans didn’t like him. If he doesn’t score a goal The fans would sing to Soldado, but now the fans are singing to his side

. You have to fight hard to be accepted. Sometimes it feels as though football fans want to accept players whose last names end in i or o are sexier than those from the Academy. But in the end, these kids care more about the team ′

′ If you try to catch Harry cut in half, the blood that flows would be Tottenham’s white. And he loves the fans too.