Mourinho suggests ‘Zaniolo’ to move before the market closes.

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Roma boss Jose Mourinho says Nicolo Zaniolo may have to stay with them beyond the winter transfer window.

The Italian has made it clear he wants to leave this month.

But his preferred destination, AC Milan, could not reach an agreement with Roma. While Zaniolo refused a €30m move to Bournemouth. Unfortunately Zaniolo no longer wants to play for them. But this shin might have to stay with the team until at least the summer.  the UFABET report

Zaniolo has been saying for months that he wants to move. Unfortunately, it seems I was right,” he said.

“I said it was a shame. because the players have been saying for months that they want to move. If a player tells anyone he doesn’t want to wear the Roma shirt then I have to say it’s a shame.”

“When a player tells you, the club and your team-mates, ‘I don’t want to wear the Roma shirt anymore, I don’t want to play. I don’t want to go back to training’ I have to say it’s a shame. “

The ideal situation is that the players are happy. I said I wanted him to stay. but for what is happening now I would have to put the word “unfortunate” in that sentence.”

Roma are believed to be furious at Zaniolo’s refusal to meet with Bournemouth’s director, who flew in to negotiate with Claudio Vi. Gorelli, his agent