Klopp said it took time to renovate Liverpool.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits that rebuilding the team will not happen overnight. “The Reds” had a great form last season. They had a chance to win four trophies before ending up winning two trophies and finishing second in the Premier League and Champions League

. They currently sit ninth in the table, 10 points behind fourth-placed Manchester United, but have played one game less.

Klopp went into further detail, discussing the realities of a rebuilding process: “There are obviously plenty of different ways you can do it, but it’s all based on the situation you are in, especially with the things happening around, Chelsea with the new ownership obviously, nobody knows exactly how they do it, how they can spend this much money.”

Klopp signed a contract until 2026 in April last year. while their future looks bright But the German coach insists he is well aware of the approaching transition period. which they could not do overnight

“It’s a challenge. This is one of the main reasons I signed a new contract. Because I know it’s necessary and can’t be solved overnight. Imagine another coach in this position,” he tells the Football People podcast

. Then everyone would call my name. Among the problems that we have to face during the transition period We also faced some serious injuries. It just makes things more complicated. the UFABET report

“I know that most people in the world only care about the short term. But we also need to focus on long-term goals.”