Everton has not lost hope, ‘Bielsa’ despite the difficult deal

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Everton are yet to give up talks over a potential £11million-a-year contract for Marcelo Bielsa. Argentine coach One of the favorites to take over at Goodison Park after Frank Lampard was kicked out of his chair on Monday,

however, negotiations were difficult because Bielsa was concerned about the current squad. May not be able to adapt to his unique style of play. Which informed the Everton board of directors about this,

however, it seems that the team from Merseyside Will not give up the desire to appoint a former Leeds United boss to take over the army, although the famous coach has relatively limited conditions.

Bielsa fears the club’s current clutch of players will not be able to adapt to his trademark high-octane style – a view he has relayed to the Toffees hierarchy during talks.

The line of contact between the two sides remained open. The source stated that Contracting is still difficult. But it’s not entirely hopeless. the UFABET report

In addition, the payment of Bielsa wages And his team could be another important factor. where he earns 11 million pounds per year with “Yung Thong” Which is a package that includes all the staff,

believes that Bielsa wants the same level of wages that he used to receive Which, when looking at the numbers, is quite troubling instead of Everton who are experiencing financial problems