Coach Al-Nasr reveals ‘Ranaldo’ will return to Europe

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Al-Nasr boss Rudi Garcia says Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Europe before ending his career. The 38-year-old moved to Al-Nasr after Parting ways with Manchester United before traveling to Qatar for the World Cup.

On how he intends to get Ronaldo firing on all cylinders, Garcia told reporters: “It’s very important for the players to play normally and not always try to give the ball to Cristiano. I told them they need to make the right choices on the pitch.

Obviously when Cristiano or Talisca are alone and asking for the ball we need to give them the ball. These two players are able to make the difference. Tonight, I think that sometimes we had good positions to cross but not enough people in the box – and sometimes no Ronaldo and no Talisca. We need to work on that, to have one of them in the box and maybe the other playing outside the box.” the UFABET report

Ronaldo became the highest paid player in world football. He was reportedly paid £173 million a year.

But the move was also seen as a step back. When many media reports agree that Ronaldo wants to move to play with a team at the Champions League level. But it was not successful

, however, Garcia revealed that Ronaldo will return to play in Europe in the future. Before the end of the career path

, Cristiano Ronaldo is a good reinforcement. Because he breaks defenses,” he said.

“He’s one of the best players in the world. He will not end his career with Al-Nasr, he will return to Europe.”